Offshore Wind Power

Foxwell Energy: Offshore Wind Power Construction Division

Foxwell Energy Corp. Ltd., is a subsidiary of Shinfox Energy. In 2020, Foxwell Energy's offshore wind power engineering division was awarded the "Offshore wind power phase II plan’s property procurement and installation project" of Taipower, becoming the first Taiwanese company to obtain the EPC project and maintenance contract for offshore wind power in Taiwan. This represents Foxwell Energy’s official entry into the offshore wind power business and witness to the domestic production of green power.

Development Plan

The Phase II Offshore Wind Power Project of Taipower

  • Tender Awarding Price: NT$ 62.888 billion.
  • Expected to complete grid connection by the end of September 2025.
  • Foxwell Energy would be responsible for the O&M of the wind farm during the first five years following its completion.
  • 300 MW installed capacity expected.
  • Annual power generation is expected to exceed 1,000 GWh


Regarding The Phase II Offshore Wind Power Project of Taipower, Foxwell Energy, cooperating with international teams, nurtures the most professional offshore wind turbine installation engineering and maintenance team in terms of “green electricity localization”.

The Best Wind Farm in the World

The western coast of Taiwan is rated as the best wind farm in the world. According to the simulation of the Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories., ITRI in Taiwan, the potential for wind energy development in the Taiwan Strait is as high as 30 GW.

Outlook of 15 GW Green Electricity Localization

Due to 15 GW of offshore zonal development from 2026 to 2035 and the outlook for green electricity localization policy in Taiwan, the installation expense of offshore wind projects is expected to be a trillion and the costs of maintenance annually to be 10 billion.

International Marine Construction Team

Work with international teams such as Teras Offshore, a Singapore-based marine engineering team, to develop a professional engineering team.

Leading Brands of Offshore Wind Turbines Adopted

Adopt the MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, MVOW’s wind turbine with a rated capacity of 9.5MW per single machine The wind farm is to be equipped with wind turbines from Siemens Gamesa, a leading supplier in offshore wind industry.